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The Three Phases of a Stored Fat Burning Diet

Burning unwanted body fat requires a concerted effort. The common knowledge of simply eating less and avoiding fatty foods is not entirely accurate. Some people may ‘accidentally’ lose weight with that approach, but for many other people, a focused diet regime is necessary.

It is not common knowledge that to lose unwanted fat, you must train your body to burn fat. The body is used to burning carbohydrates as a source of energy. By changing that habit and making your body burn stored fat for energy, you can lose weight. Train your body by using a stored fat burning diet.

There are many ways you can do a diet to burn stored fat. Here are three main phases that you can use as a blueprint. Note that this blueprint is not a final solution as you can enter your personal preference for the foods and supplements here.

Tip: if you want to enter your own preferences, it’s a good idea to read various reviews of diet programs. You can find the positive and negative of each program and structure one yourself. Definitely make sure you know what you’re doing if you make a plan of your own.

The First Phase

In this first phase, create a customized meal plan. This meal plan ought to consists of a combination of natural appetite suppressants, vitamin supplements, and protein shakes. The combination of these supplements makes the body enter a strictly fat burning mode and increases the body’s metabolism.

The first phase is a great starting point for people who want to lose weight. It is designed to achieve rapid weight loss. It is relatively easy to maintain the custom meal plan for as long as possible. You may want to stay with the first phase for several weeks. The first phase has been proven to help people lose more than seven pounds in one week.

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The Second Phase

In the second phase, you add small meals made from certain healthy foods. You eat these meals along with the appetite suppressants, vitamin supplements, and protein shakes from the first phase. This second phase maintains the body’s fat burning mode that allows a person to lose between 4-6 pounds within one week.

An example of a small meal consists of:

  • 3 ounces of lean protein (fish, chicken, turkey, eggs)
  • 4 ounces of low-carbohydrate vegetables (spinach, bok choi, lettuce, broccoli)

Watch this video for recommendations of lean protein:

The Third Phase

By the third phase, you should have lost a considerable amount of weight. In this phase, the purpose is to maintain the weight loss you have achieved. In addition to the small meals from the second phase, you ought to eat a balanced diet containing protein bars and shakes.

The small meals should contain the foods from the second phase (lean protein and vegetables) along with fruits and whole grains. Make sure you eat according to a certain portion size based on your required calorie intake.

The third phase also requires exercise. When you have lost weight, it your progress will start to slow down. Exercising helps to maintain a consistent rate of weight loss until you reach your target weight.

As explained, it’s not necessary to do all three phases to lose weight. You can experience successful weight loss within the first phase. The requirements is that you get the correct customized meal plan. Use the blueprint outlined here as a guide to create your personal stored fat burning diet.

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