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Easy Eating – 6 Healthy Appetizers for a Party

Healthy appetizers for a party

When somebody invites you to a party, you might worry because it would mean eating lots of scrumptious food; and you don’t want that, especially if you’re on a diet. But you don’t have to forget about your diet if you go to a party or host one. One wonderful idea is to serve healthy appetizers for a party so that you won’t have to feel guilty about consuming all those calories.

In case you are planning a lovely lunch or dinner party for your friends, here are some healthy appetizers that you can dish up. Not only will your guests enjoy these, but they’ll also appreciate you more for serving nourishing food.

1. Offer fresh greens. Salads are the way to go if you want a dish that’s simple to make. These are also very healthy and, with some flair, you can arrange them to look really elegant. Endive boats are wonderful examples. Just separate the leaves and fill the each leaf with a light salad, maybe a light shrimp or seafood salad or some micro greens.

Speaking of micro greens, these are the sprouts of commonly used veggies, like arugula, radish, and lettuce. You can get these juicy and tender greens from the store, order them online or grow them in your kitchen, which is a pretty simple thing to do. Other options are veggie plates and skewered or grilled vegetables. Serve these with dips if you prefer or drizzle with light dressing.

2. Provide a fruit plate. Just slice a few succulent fruits, arrange them on a platter, prepare two or three dips, and serve. Choose fruits with contrasting colors and textures. For instance, succulent berries and grapes will look attractive with crisp apple and pear slices. Opt for fruits that are in season as these are generally cheaper.

3. Serve veggie wraps. Use fresh lettuce or spring roll wrappers to wrap fresh salads. You can also add some meat or seafood if you like. Slice each wrap diagonally to reveal the colorful food inside. Drizzle the wrapped veggies with your chosen dressing.

4. Provide attractive and mouthwatering tacos. Because you’re making appetizers, choose tiny taco shells. Fill each with portions of meat, tomatoes, cheese, and other ingredients that you wish to include in your miniature tacos.

5. Instead of red meat or pork, serve chicken, turkey, fish or seafood because these have fewer calories. Grill chicken or turkey and serve with a light salad. You can also dish up fried fish sticks with chips, or make a delicious shrimp cocktail or salad.

6. Create delectable stuffed mushrooms. The great thing about mushrooms is that they can be filled with just about anything, such as cheese, salads or meats. Also, because they exist in a variety of sizes, you can serve miniature mushrooms stuffed with your favorite ingredients or offer them as part of your veggie dish.

Party Planning Dilemma

The food that you’re going to serve is going to be the heart of your event. So, you should think about dishes that you’re guests will like, but don’t forget to offer healthy fare as well. Serving foods that are alkaline in nature is a good option for healthy snacks. Here are the findings about how foods that are not acidic have healthy benefits you want to consider.

For many, however, planning a party is already stressful enough, and they often overlook the food preparations. To lessen the stress, you can always hire a caterer who will be able to provide you with excellent yet healthy dishes.

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